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    We are offering financial services to all sectors of the economy through opening and maintaining of savings accounts.

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    We provide our members with fulfilling loan products and establish a long-term financial relationship with them.

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    Taifa Sacco provides its members with easy to use calculators and utility tools, to help in planning their finances accordingly.

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Welcome to Taifa SACCO

Taifa Sacco Limited was started in 1974 by about 9000 Coffee and dairy Farmers under the union Banking section of Nyeri District. It transformed from Nyeri District Union Banking Section to Nyeri Farmers Sacco Society Ltd in 1998.

Expansion saw it transformed from a regional to a National Sacco and therefore on May 2006 it gained a National status hence TAIFA SACCO SOCIETY LIMITED. Read More

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Taifa Sacco launches a new website

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